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Indigenous Housing Program

Most Indigenous people need better housing.

The existing housing stock is in poor repair, and in short supply.

It is not surprising then that housing, along with employment and training are top priorities for many Indigenous communities. Heartland Timber Homes’ addresses all three needs. The HTH Indigenous Housing Program provides high quality, durable, appropriate, healthy, and affordable housing kits that can be constructed by trained, local crews. Why not make house-building a cornerstone of your community economic development?

The HTH “Standard Kits” offer First Nations communities economical packages of well-chosen designs and materials. We have thought carefully and creatively about solving the Indigenous housing crisis – we have solutions that work!

From the North Yukon to southern BC, HTH kits have built comfortable, reliable homes in Indigenous communities. The Heartland Timber Homes building system – post-and-beam timber frames with solid, massive timber infill between posts – is uniquely suited to indigenous housing. It avoids the high hand-labor costs of scribe-log houses and the structural drawbacks of conventional “stick-built”, or stud-wall construction.

Heartland Timber Homes have been contracted by the Liard First Nations to produce and build 15 homes in 2023! We will be building three different models in Watson Lake, BC!

Here’s How We Can Help!

Heartland Timber Homes has been building homes in Indigenous communities for many years. We can provide Indigenous people with all the information needed to apply for housing funding grants.

We will provide you with the appropriate specifications for your housing initiative and address concerns such as weather conditions and geographic location.

We want to help build homes that will house your community members for generations.