Advantages of a Timber Home

Timber homes have many advantages over standard built homes.

They’re Affordable and Easy to Build!

Timber homes are easy to build as the timber pieces can be assembled by just two people. No large cranes or heavy machinery are required. First Kaska has three assembly options: we can provide crews to assemble the homes, we can send out a construction supervisor to help and advise as you build, or you can build it yourself and we provide all the instructions you will need.

It really is possible to build with only two people! Our clients are able to build their houses themselves. 

They're Strong & Long Lasting

Timber homes are built to last! Timber home life expectancy is well over 100 years with proper maintenance and care. We build our homes with high quality timber and materials to ensure the longevity of the house. These homes will live on for generations!

A huge selling point for these homes is that they are impervious to black mold! Black mold is one of the main killers in traditional homes but with our timber construction, even houses with high humidity will be immune. 

Solid timber is more fire resistant and is therefore safer than conventional stud-wall construction. Its safety is incomparably superior to the swift, toxic inflammability of mobile homes for example, which can be destroyed beyond repair in as little as 10 minutes. Because fire is slow to attack the structural integrity of solid timber, timber homes can more commonly be saved and restored.

They're Environmentally Friendly

Our timber homes have superior energy performance factors including thermal insulation, and the storage of carbon. Timber homes don’t release carbon like conventional homes meaning they are better for both your family and the environment. Because the lifecycle of these homes is so long, the overall impact on the environment is extremely low. Timber is composed of biosphere carbon and a timber house locks this carbon away for the life of the house.

Timber homes store heat and are able to release it slowly, producing a more even heat balance throughout the house. Our short timber system allows us to use a common timber type instead of long, old-growth, ecologically valuable trees, needed by round-log cabins. 

In terms of impacts of obtaining, manufacturing, and ultimately disposing – timber homes have the lowest environmental impact of any construction material used in Canada!