The Natural Romance, Beauty, and Warmth
of a Timber Frame Home is Finally Within Reach.

At Heartland Timber Homes we have developed a patented manufacturing
and assembly system that dramatically reduces the cost of your timber frame home
and the time it takes to erect it.

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The most affordable timber frame homes

Heartland Timber Homes’ building system is a modern improvement on the traditional post-and-beam design of the northwest frontier. By replacing expensive handcrafting with innovative design and precision milling, Heartland dramatically reduced the expense of producing and building a timber frame home. Today, you can own an authentic, stunning timber frame home at about the same cost as a conventional house.

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Log and timber buildings are valued for their beauty, safety, healthy atmosphere, and environmental responsibility. The common round-log, notched corner “cabin-style” is familiar to almost everyone. Among builders, timber frame homes are even more esteemed for appearance, comfort, and structural integrity. They avoid the “wall of pencils” look of machined-log packages and they do not settle. Traditionally, timber frames were very expensive – until Heartland developed its revolutionary building packages.

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Our Timber frame building system:

The patented Heartland Timber Homes building system is based on the traditional post-and-beam style, with the spaces between the posts filled with solid timbers. The HTH innovation was to apply the principle of mass production of precision milled, interchangeable parts. The result is strong, fast, and easy to assemble.

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Heartland’s system resulted in a very aesthetic and solid building, and our visitors and members of the Golden Nordic Ski Club have been attracted to the site by the beauty and functionality of the Dawn MT. Chalet. The cost was very competitive and we are pleased with the building.
Jeff Dolinsky
My husband Mel and I constructed a 2600 sq. ft. Heartland Timber Home during the summer of 2013 in Whitehorse, Yukon. It was surprising how fast our home grew upwards. We chose 8”x8”x8’ timbers, because even I can lift them into place and, as a woman, I am proud that I had a hand in building our home. This past winter we heated our home with a wood burning stove and used under 6 cords of wood – this amazing energy savings was a surprising plus.

I love living in a timber home. I am very comfortable and guests entering our house always comment on how relaxed and at home they feel. Thanks Heartland!

Luann Baker-Johnson

A New Way To Save

We use extra-dry recovered timber

Precision milling replaces expensive
hand crafting

Reduced shipping costs

Reduced labor costs in building

A New Way To Build

Easy to ship and assemble

Patented building system, superb engineering

No shrinkage or settling

Homes ship in 3x4x9’ bundles

Components assemble quickly & easily

No crane required

At One With Nature

Sustainable  materials – as “green” as
you can get!

Comfortable, energy efficient

Traditional and contemporary designs

Non-toxic living environment

Durable, will last for centuries

Timeless beauty of solid wood

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