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Lindsey Flett

David Loeks

President, Heartland Timber Homes

While constructing his own timber frame, piece–en–piece home in the Yukon, Canadian builder and forester Dave Loeks developed the HTH Timberframe building system (US and Canadian patents). Having used most log building styles Dave wanted to avoid expensive skilled hand labor, economize with common timber profiles, and use no heavy equipment.

By the end of the project, Dave knew that he was onto something good. His beautiful timber frame house was proof of his concept, and he knew that central British Columbia had vast stands of standing dead pine; the result of the mountain pine beetle.

David teamed up with BC sawmill designer Lindsay Flett to form Heartland Timber Frame Homes.

Lindsey Flett

Lindsey Flett

Vice president, engineering/operations

Born and raised in BC’s Cariboo region, Lindsay grew up learning to design and make sawmills with his father. For over 50 years, their company D&L Timber Technologies has set the bar for innovative, high-quality portable mills. With this background, Lindsay knew how to make the machinery needed to manufacture the HTH timber frame system.

Custom designed and purpose-built, the HTH plant operates with speed, efficiency, and precision to produce reliable and affordable timber frame building packages.

The results are impressive. Economical, attractive, traditionally styled, and energy efficient homes. Heartland Timber Homes are economical because they use design innovations and precision manufacturing instead of expensive hand labor. Moreover, we have an abundant supply of dry timber.