About Heartland Timber Homes

From the land, to your home.

As a division of First Kaska, Heartland Timber Homes focuses on building homes for Indigenous communities.

These sustainable, culturally-appropriate timber homes can be shipped and assembled on site. This is a huge advantage for many Indigenous people, who are often located in distant and remote areas.

Heartland Timber Homes are affordable to build, inexpensive to maintain, and healthy to live in.

Heartland Timber Homes is an experienced company that has built over 100 timber homes and been around since 2009! Now, under the ownership of First Kaska, we are building homes for more Indigenous communities and creating houses that will live on for generations. 

It is important to build long-lasting, beautiful homes that many generations can live in and enjoy.

Heartland Timber Homes have the lowest environmental footprint of any building technology, helping to reduce greenhouse gases. They are the products of sustainable forestry, using wood from already dead standing trees, which has many benefits to the forest, including reduced fire risk and reduced risk for pest infestations and diseases.