Our Packages

A Heartland Timber Homes Package can be easily assembled by both contractors and do-it-yourself builders. With our innovative short-timber system, your building package only takes up a small amount of space on your job site allowing your plenty of room to work. And because all our components are lightweight and easy to maneuver, you won’t need to contract with crane or heavy equipment operators during the building process. Each precision-milled timber fits easily and accurately together almost “Lego like”.

The first step to building a Heartland Timber Home is to select your timber home design. You can choose from one of our floor plans, you can send us a floor plan that you like, or we can design a custom home with you. You will be pleased by our team’s knowledge and assistance as they help you customize the timber home of your dreams.

Our Heartland Timber Homes system can be built on a wide variety of foundations. We highly recommend that you engage a geotechnical engineering consultant to investigate soils, if necessary, and to advise you on how to prepare the base and build appropriate foundations.
All of Heartland Timber Homes’ designs are engineered to meet the highest standards. Our homes withstand the extreme weather conditions of the Far Northwest including heavy snow loads, strong winds and seismic risk. A good general contractor or engineer in your area can help you determine if there are any local issues that you need to consider.

All you need to build a Heartland Timber Home is a two-person crew; although a larger crew will make the assembly easier and faster. We provide a detailed assembly manual with every building package. The assembly manual clearly explains how to attach to your foundations, how to string electrical circuits, and how to install doors and windows. You can reach lockup stage (closed-to-weather) quickly. After this you can take as much time as you like for the finishing work with no pressure from weather.

In addition, before your order arrives, we can provide you with a necessary list of supplies so you will know what tools you will need.

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What’s Included

We sell two different packages:


The exterior timber frame walls only (you source the other materials yourself). Includes timber frame shell, foundation timbers, fastenings, gaskets, caulk, interior and exterior finishes.


Essentially a “ready to assemble house”. Includes:

  • Timber frame shell, with foundation timbers, fastenings, gaskets, caulk, interior and exterior finishes
  • Floor system, with joists and bridging, subfloor, and finish flooring on request.
  • Roof system, with trusses or rafters, strapping, metal roofing, soffits, fascia, insulation, vapor barrier, and tongue and groove pine ceiling paneling
  • Gable ends, with studs, sheathing, wrapping, board-and-batten for exterior, and tongue and groove pine paneling for the interior.
  • Doors and windows, your specifications for size and quality, interior and exterior trim
  • Other: Carports, decks and porches per plan


The Heartland Timber Frame building system can be customized in a variety of ways to achieve very different effects from the same floorplan. Here are some of the ways you can customize your design to express your personal dream:


The origins of the HTH post and beam system is authentically traditional and it beautifully expresses the aesthetic of heritage architecture. At the same time, its clean functional lines fit well into contemporary designs. With European embellishments on windows, eaves, and balconies, your HTH home can fit perfectly as an alpine chalet. 


The study plans are mostly drawn with gable roofs, but there is no limit to what you can design. In addition to gables, we build with hip roofs, shed roofs (very contemporary), and gambrel roofs. The roof line can be further embellished with dormers, skylights, turrets, and shed extensions. 


Conventionally engineered trusses of 2×4 and 2×6 lumber are unbeatable for economy and strength. But timber trusses or rafters can provide a grand signature statement that perfectly complements a timber frame house. We custom design trusses by the project. Here are four types of custom roofs, all of dry Douglas Fir – unmatched for strength. Each is designed to be visible from below and is covered on top with 2×6 tongue and groove decking.

The exposed timber rafter – usually built with a heavy ridge beam.

The collar tie truss uses heavy timbers for the roof supports, tied together with dimensional lumber. No ridge beam needed, 2×6 tongue end.

The Scissors truss gives a soaring, airy interior space.

The King truss – this one is being cut and fitted.


These add more than outside living space to a home; they also enhance and can even transform the appearance of a home from one style to another. Accents can be as simple as columns supporting a porch, eave braces, or decorative porch railings. Or it can be complex and beautiful timber framing for an entire porch.


Heartland produces solid wood picnic tables, gazebos, and saunas that complement your timber frame home so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

How To Order

Deciding what you want

There are four steps to ordering a package. The first is deciding what you want to build. This is an important decision and we will  work with you as you plan your home. We have many stock plans from previous projects – you may see something you like in our collection. Some of our clients start with a basic design and we modify it to suit their needs. You can send us plans from other sources or your own kitchen table sketches.

Once we have a preliminary design that represents most of your ideas, we will prepare a “Budget Estimate”. This is not a formal binding quote (that requires full and detailed building plans) but it should be a very close estimate so that you can determine if the HTH package fits your budget. Preliminary designs can be scaled back or added to, depending on this Budget Estimate.

Drawing Building Plans

If the Budget Estimate for your design suits you, we will prepare formal building plans. You could draw them yourself, but our drafts-people are experts in the HTH timber frame system. We will also provide a detailed quotation. You will discover that our building packages compare very favourably with other construction methods when you consider cost per square foot.

You will have an opportunity to review the draft plans and modify them if needed. We recommend that your finished plans be reviewed and stamped by an engineer so that local building code authorities can easily approve them. We can connect you to engineers who understand our system thoroughly.

Click Here For An Example of Our Building Plans

Milling & Shipping Details

On the basis of completed building plans, we will provide you with a formal, binding quote for your building package. If you accept this quote we will enter into a contract with you, schedule your project, and start the work. Delivery time depends on the package details and on the mill schedule, however in most cases we can have your package ready to ship about 6 weeks after you place your order.

Your building package will be quoted “f.o.b.” our mill site in Lac La Hache B.C. (meaning shipping costs are NOT included). We will arrange shipping and provide you with the trucking company’s estimate of transport costs based on the most likely truck and trailer combination required to move your order.

At Your Jobsite

Your order will usually arrive by truck (not always – we have shipped into remote sites by aircraft and by barge). You should have on site a forklift or a loader with forks to unload the truck. The timbers are wrapped and strapped into 3’ x 4’ x 8’ bundles. The shipment will have a manifest documenting what in on the truck.

The timbers can easily be handled by two people. You (or your contractor) will have a set of building plans, a timber key that shows where each timber should be placed when building your home (each timber is numbered), and an Assembly Manual.   First-time builders report that the HTH system is just as easy as they had hoped.

If you have questions, just give us a call. We will have your plans to refer to and we are happy to help!

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